From ASSET Graduate to ASE Education Foundation Board Member

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Women technicians may account for *2.5% of employed transportation technicians, but that number will continue to grow with role models like Jenny Kovac. Kovac graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County ASSET program in 2011 and has had a successful career as a Ford service technician.

“My love for working with my hands and the challenge and satisfaction
of fixing something was a big part of what led me to this career.”

– Jenny Kovac, Ford Senior Master

Like many, Kovac’s interest in the automotive industry was sparked at a young age. She enjoyed riding go-carts and quads that were then replaced with her very own dirtbike. A dirtbike that she learned how to fix up and make run on her own. The satisfaction that fixing up her bike brought led to her helping her dad in his garage as he rebuilt a 66’ Ford Mustang. In that moment, Kovac decided she would pursue a career in the automotive industry.

Since launching her career with ASSET, Kovac has worked at Ford dealerships continuously and is recognized as an eight-time Senior Master. Not only that but in 2022, she also served as Shop Forman at her dealership. Kovac’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed and have caught the eye of the ASE Education Foundation, a leader in the automotive service industry.

In January, the ASE Education Foundation elected Jenny Kovac as a 2023 board of directors member, meaning Kovac will volunteer her time and expertise to help the foundation establish objectives and achieve its goals for the year. Essentially, she will have a hand in shaping the next generation of technicians.

Kovac’s story is one to inspire. She has showcased her passion for the industry and shown that her success comes from skill and knowledge, all which she has worked hard to develop. Furthermore, her story is an excellent example of what it means to be a women technician seeking a fulfilling career in the automotive industry. Her drive shows aspiring women technicians that they can be ambitious and pursue leadership roles within Ford/Lincoln dealers and beyond.

“If you think you are interested in this field, I say go for it! If you are nervous,
I would always keep in mind that women have been in this field successfully for many years,
even if they are a minority…I absolutely love this career
and would love to see more women in this field.”

– Jenny Kovac, Ford Senior Master

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*Data derived from TechForce Foundation’s 2022 “Women Techs: Solving the Tech Shortage Problem.”

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